Complaints Policy

At Riverfront Real Estate we take complaint handling very seriously. Our Agency has a zero-tolerance attitude towards Agents failing to comply with the Property and Stock Agents Act & Regulation as well as any other relevant real estate laws / regulations  and we will always endeavour to thoroughly investigate complaints and find a resolution for them.

We believe complaints fall into three categories:

  1. Feedback – these complaints are treated as input for our Agency’s program of continuous improvement.
  2. Financial – this sort of complaint is of utmost urgency. They include inappropriate and/or illegal behaviour in relation to financial matters. If necessary, NSW Fair Trading will be informed of the complaint.
  3. Non-Financial – these complaints include allegations of inappropriate and/or illegal behaviour in relation to a non-financial matter and they are treated seriously by the agency.

If you do have any feedback or a complaint that you would like us to know about, please let us know in writing and the Agency Principal will address your complaint within 5 days of you lodging a complaint. We will address each item in your complaint and try to find a satisfactory resolution.

Until we find a resolution for your complaint, or we have exhausted all possible efforts to resolve the matter, your complaint will remain ‘open’ in our Complaints Register.